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We are a company that has been operating in the event industry since 2005. Thanks to a long-time experience and passion with which we realize commissions, we provide a professional service to our customers. Our motto is: ‘Dreams don’t come true. We make them true.’ – which is a sentiment that reflects both our creative and full of initiative system of work, as well as the general mission of the team.

  • creative team
  • long-time experience
  • flexibility
  • comprehensive realisation
  • innovative ideas
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#crime #spygames #action

The chosen person is someone who usually takes stroll in a park and like to seat on one of the benches there. One day, a stranger sits next to her and starts a casual conversation (about the nice weather and spending time outside etc.). Suddenly, the new acquaintance says: “Stay calm, but someone is watching us”. He quickly explains to our hero, that he works for the intelligence agency and needs help. Nearby the bench they’re sitting one, the agent has hidden a pendrive with some important files regarding corruption on higher levels. The stranger asks our hero to help him – he will distract the people following him while the pranked person collects the pendrive and delivers it to location X. After that, the agent quickly walks away, only to be followed by two people who have been sitting a few metres away.

Our hero finds the pendrive hidden nearby and goes to the indicated spot. “And what if she doesn’t listen to the fake agent”? No problem! After a while she gets a phone call from an unknown number and a mysterious voice tells her that she’s being watched and must carry out the task she has just received… or there’ll be trouble.

Will that adventure end on the same evening in abandoned warehouses in another city, or maybe on the morning, in bunkers in Warsaw? Or maybe even later, with our hero standing by the seaside, wearing concrete boots? We’ll see – it’s a long-term prank and can be developed in many, many ways.


#adventure #mystery #riddles

A perfect offer for someone who likes taking strolls in the woods (for mushroom-picking or purely recreationally). Our hero goes to his favourite forest spot. When he gets there, this is what he sees: a young boy is trying to get his dog out from a hole in the ground, into which the animal ‘fell’. Our unsuspecting participant helps with getting the dog out. When the teenager says his thanks and quickly walks away, it turns out that the dog was standing on an old, rotten chest half-buried in the ground. After digging it out, it’s easy to open. Inside there’s a notepad and the first, encrypted clue.

Such a scenario gives an opportunity to really stretch it out in time. By using various riddles and dropping next clues, we can change the plot into our hero’s new hobby; something he can do after work.  His attention will be focused on randomly found elements of a bigger puzzle which will fuel his curiosity and push him into getting deeper and deeper into an intricate web of events.


#mistake #disinformation #comedy

We ask our hero to pass on some item onto an acquaintance of ours (whom the pranked person has never even seen, so he receives a description of the one collecting the item, for example: Andrew, tall, has a beard). The item can be anything: from a parcel full of books to… a car. The important thing is that the object has to have huge value – either material or sentimental. The pranked person goes to the meeting place, waits for a few minutes and then is approach by a man fitting the description. The item is handed over. A happy ending, isn’t it?

Of course it isn’t! After a short while our hero receives a call from an unknown number. “Hi, it’s Andrew. I’m waiting here and here”. It quickly turns out that there’s another man in the meeting place, also fitting the description. Our pranked person has given the item to the wrong guy! From that point on our prank can develop in many different ways. Maybe the real Andrew will call the police and a fake policeman will interview our poor hero? Or maybe the owner of the item will arrive at the scene and start an argument? How about that: the ‘real’ Andrew will remember that he has seen the other guy and together with our hero they will chase him…


#horror #fear #survival

An option for those who like being scared! Our pranked hero together with a few friends or with his family go to a cabin in the mountains or in a forest – anyway, to a place where there’s no reception and the nearest civilized place is a few kilometres by car away. At first it’s nice and ordinary – a typical outing in the nature. Late in the afternoon, a police car arrives to the cabin and a local policeman comes out. He shows to the vacationers a photo of a rather nasty-looking man and asks them if they’ve seen him. Then he tells them to exercise caution – the man from the photo is a suspect in a murder case and the police is searching for him. The last time he was seen fleeing into the woods.

After that the situation develops just like in classic horror movies: someone disappears, someone else finds fresh stains of something that looks like blood. It turns out that the car is not working. Someone screams that he saw the face of the man from the photo in a window. Rising anxiety and feeling of hopelessness of our hero are accompanying him when his friends disappear one by one… We don’t know yet how the story will end, but we will gladly write it with you. What we do know is that it will evoke powerful emotions and leave an unforgettable impression!


#fame #spotlight #audience

The chosen person is strolling down the street, when suddenly some teenager walks to her and ask her for an autograph. The situation happens two more times (those events can happen withing a few days so the experience becomes more impressive). At that point, our hero is probably very confused, but it’s only the beginning.

When she get to some big, open space (an entrance to a shopping mall, a square etc.) she is suddenly surrounded by a crowd of people. They are shouting her name, they have posters with her face on them, they are asking for autographs and are generally treating her like a big celebrity. Of course, there are flashes of cameras and the paparazzi are asking for an exclusive interview. Out of the blue,a  familiar face appears in the crow – someone close to our hero, who saves her from the ‘trouble’ and helps her escape the crow. And then the saviour shows the hero a web article which tells a story of our hero suddenly reaching stardom – the article says that withing the last few weeks someone (for example a musician or an actor) with a similar appearance and surname had gained countrywide fame. What will happen next? Maybe our hero will be found by her ‘manager’ who will insist on taking her to a public appearance? Opportunities are vast!


How to prepare a perfect surprise? In for steps we will show you the preparation process.

1. The Introduction

A prank is a subtle game which gradually sneaks into the hero’s daily routine. The introduction takes place in natural, everyday conditions that does not raise any suspicion. That’s how your chosen person’s adventure will start.

2. The Questionnaire

In order to create appropriate conditions from the very beginning, we have to get to know you – the first thing you will do is fill in a questionnaire in which you will answer a few simple questions.

3. The Interview

The next step is a meeting with a psychologist. Here we will touch upon more detailed issues regarding our future hero. We want to take a deeper look into that person’s biography and tastes – naturally still remaining within the boundaries of their privacy. We also have to learn about their fears and phobias, as well as greatest dreams! During the first meeting with you we will also create the first draft of the game.

4. Writing the scenario and introducing improvements

From that moment on we will remain in constant touch. Of course, we won’t call you at 3 am because a great idea for a nice twist has just appeared in our heads. We will show you our concept of the scenario and you will give us any comment you might have. In that way we will come up with an appropriate adventure path for the chosen person.

ATTENTION – roles to cast!

Besides the static plot elements, the mysterious mood of a prank is also ensured by properly prepared actors. Thanks to the knowledge of a story and a hero’s profile, they will always be ready to improvise a scene required for a correct development of events.

Still, we don’t rule out participation of people who know the main hero very well (you included) if they help with reaching a satisfying end of the scenario.

The general idea behind the fun is a condition that thought it’s whole duration the hero is not aware of the involvement of third parties – only then a prank can be considered a success. An ideal surprise is the one in which the surprise is complete by the end when everyone take off their masks and get on the stage.

That’s what we can say now. If you want to learn more – think a wish for your close one and start a prank!


How does it feel to gift someone with fulfilled dreams?

Make them feel as if they were their favourite movie or book character?

You can find out by helping us take you’re a person close to you on an adventure of a lifetime.

The basics

You choose a source material (film, book, video game etc.) that the person close to you really like. On the basis of that material we will create a scenario of a surprise event, in which the person chosen by you will be the main character of a completely original plot prepared just for them. Regardless if you want to give someone dear to you an interesting experience or simply want to prank them in an innovative way – we guarantee an unforgettable adventure!

IMPORTANT: We prepare everything in such a way that the main hero has no ide that everything happening to them has been arranged by a third party. The scenario elements and preparations for the vent are consulted on regular basis with the project’s initiator – you.

Freedom of genre

The inspirations database is limited only by the customer’s inventiveness. Our task is to transform an idea into a plan and make sure that everything goes according to it from the very beginning and till the end.

  • Those fascinated with classic crime stories will find themselves in the middle of a complicated intrigue, full of difficult mysteries to solve. Someone who loves Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot… What if we put our hero on a train and re-create Murder on the Orient Express?
  • History and art enthusiasts will surely become invested in an intrigue a la Da Vinci Code, full of secrets, hidden signs and mysticism.
  • Those interested in the underworld we will take transfer into the world of mafia, illegal gambling and trafficking. Those pranked in such a way will become witnesses of events they know from Crimewatch or cases solved by police officers and detectives from the books by James Ellroy or Dennis Lehane.
  • For those more romantically inclined we will provide a unique, romantic adventure – with a sweet or bitter twist… but always with a happy ending!
  • Or maybe one of your close ones likes to be… afraid? We will give them a sense of thrill they get from the novels by Stephen King, Graham Masterton and others. To thrillers taking place in deep woods or near a highway we say a very certain “why not”!

Duration, further scenarios and alternative endings

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a scenario full of mysteries, riddles, humour or fear – remember: imagination is limitless. We don’t have to forever stick to a ready plot. An event may last for a few hours, days or even weeks, and every adventure can end with an impressive surprise party attended by friends, or with something more intimate – a romantic getaway abroad. You decide into which world your chosen person will be transferred and what’s the finale of the story will be like. If you want to look for inspiration or simply see how such a thing could look like, we suggest watching such films like Giuseppe Tornatore’s “The Best Offer”, David Fincher’s “The Game” or Geroge Roy Hill’s “The Sting”.


You want your event’s theme refer to a specific event or a historical period? You need extras who will wear suitable outfits on a film set or during a City Festival? Or maybe you want to teach the young ones about the past of your country in an interesting, interactive way?

Thanks to our vast network of contacts in re-enactment groups we are able to provide you with a setting that brings to mind any historical period. A medieval feast, king Henry VIII’s visit, musketeer duels… The possibilities are limitless! We can provide you with costumes and equipment from the era, as well as actors who will play the roles given to them. In contrast to other offers of this kind, our extras won’t be a background only. They will take on the roles given to them, act out realistic scenes and interact with participants – their task will be to create a living world, into which the event’s participants will be able to enter for a while!

The event we will organize for you can be purely entertaining, as well as possess some educational value. It’s only for you to decide what kind of an experience it will become – what we can promise is a superb service on our part!


Organization of outdoor and mass events is one of our specializations. We will provide a comprehensive service – from designing the event’s scenario and inviting the man of the hour, to full organizational logistics. By commissioning your event’s organizations to us, you can be sure that your picnic or festival is in the hands of professionals. We divided our offer into specific sections to make the viewing of products easier.

Company picnics are a perfect way for employee integration and to improve the personal relations within a company. Archery, horse-riding, trampolines, climbing walls, giant foosball, zorbing and sumo – it’s but a fraction of attractions on offer. Fire dancing, a loud scene, walking on stilts, balloon rides, medieval fairs and crazy competitions will complement the great fun.

We have prepared for you the following offers:

  • military picnic,
  • fantasy picnic,
  • historic picnic,
  • sports picnic
  • organization of a bonfire,
  • organization of festivals.


Public events are currently one of the best methods to promote a brand or a product. The members of the 5 Żywiołów Agency have been operating in the industry for over 15 years, providing professional service marked by the highest standard and uniqueness. Due to our reach experience, we are able to face virtually any challenge. You can see for yourself by taking a look into our portfolio, in which we present some of our finished projects.

When planning a campaign, we carefully include every detail: the financial means of a customer, promotion’s targets, the target group etc. We place emphasis on the visual aspect – your brand logo’s visibility, at the same time improving its recognition amongst the consumers.


We offer both complex promotion campaigns, as well as individual marketing initiatives. We prepared for you several solutions that fit every occasion, and the skilled 5 Żywiołów team does their best to make sure that every event (exhibitions, trade shows, open days, conventions) is perfectly serviced.
We are also equipped in tools that can allow us to examine the consumer opinions, conduct surveys, and check the effectiveness of the promotion campaigns that are underway.

We offer the following marketing actions:


It ensures reaching a wide range of consumers. We bet on an accurate and precise customer contact with the promoted product, which means not only handing out samples or leaflets, but also degustation, quizzes, contests – anything to make the presentation more attractive and the product more memorable. We always bet on unconventional and non-standard solutions.


The customer is given an opportunity to sample the new product and receive detailed information regarding the brand or sampled product.

We offer:

Organization of the sampling stand, product exposition, hostess and promoter training, logistics support.


New customer acquisition, sales support, raising brand awareness, encouragement to buy the full-value product.


By receiving advertising material, a potential customer learns about a company, product or service.

We offer:

Logistics support, distributor training, choosing the distribution location.


New customer acquisition, raising brand awareness.


  • Creation of a professional webpage,
  • Facebook fan page maintenance,
  • advertising campaigns,
  • marketing gadget sale (such as t-shirts, lanyards, mugs etc.),
  • commercials.



  • we present an approach that is far from standard
  • we realize unique ideas
  • our team specializes in impossible tasks
  • we adapt to our customers’ needs
  • we are able to carry out any commission
  • we have a broad base of attractive locations
  • we provide an option to modify a program even during an event
  • we have an access to a broad network of subcontractors



Our company also organizes original projects which require a precise, multi-level organization. Our flagship brands were, amongst others, Witcher School (a larp in the Witcher universe, organized in 2015-2022 with CD Projekt Red’s consent) or Battle Quest (currently inactive battle larp set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe; its last edition gathered over 800 participants). These projects are distinguished by a high production value and attractiveness.

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